How to Extend Your T-Shirt's Life

Who would not want to use a garment for a long time? Believe we also want you to be able to use CIRCLELOVE.COs for a long time. No, our goal is to get rid of them immediately, not to get rid of them and replace them. We want to add quality basic baskets to your closet while at the same time you want to shop around.

It is far from the clothes we wear and the clothes we wear now. We get it, wear it a little and get it out of the way. Especially since the cheap products are also short in the closet life, we often witness that they are worn in a few washes. Every garment taken is not just the money that is being thrown away, but the damage done to the environment.

What should he do?

Our first recommendation is to lead to a brand that produces quality fabrics with careful production instead of going to cheap products by saying how to use it. Fortunately we are in the second category.

Our second recommendation is to take good care of your clothes. Washing is of great importance in order to protect the durability of the CIRCLELOVE.CO T-shirt for a long time. The basic parts are the clothes we want to wear countless times, and the more washed, the faster the fabrics are damaged. Especially cotton-based products are frequently washed because they are frequently worn, and wear out so quickly.


How do we wash clothes that are both weary and environmentally sensitive?

Approximately 80 percent of the effect of our clothes on the environment during the life-cycle starting from production comes from washing and drying processes. If we add that we are curious about our beautiful smelling clothes, we arrive at the following result: We wash our clothes in abundance and damage the environment with the water and detergent we use. According to a survey, about 20 percent of our water spending in our homes comes from the washing machine. The washing machine consumes not only water but also plenty of energy.

Let's not forget that short-term clothing from our circle of interest is a waste of resources. That is why the world will thank you (and your bank account) if you listen to our suggestions:

Learn about the fabric of the product you are buying: One of the main reasons for the loss of the form of the clothes is the improper washing and drying techniques. The step before you do the proper washing is to get to know the fabric of the product you are getting. For example cashmere, wool and silk can be washed by hand cold wash. Some sensitive fabrics require dry cleaning.
Learn to read the symbols on the labels: Did you know that problems such as wear and tear, especially in t-shirts, are often caused by misapplications? Should laundry waters and stainers be used? Should I iron? How many times should he be washed? Can it be thrown into the dryer? The answers to all these questions are in the symbols on the labels. E.g…

Do not use bleach or a bleach.

You can only dry in the dryer at low temperature.

CIRCLELOVE.CO T-shirts suitable for washing in the washing machine have to be washed at low temperature, preferably 30 degrees. In fact, no matter what the fabric structure is, it is harmful for all our clothes to wash them over 40 degrees. In addition to being the ideal heat for 30-degree T-shirts to be able to maintain their form, they reduce unnecessary energy expenditure to a minimum. Learn to challenge the spirits: coping with spots prolongs the life of your products. The most common stains are mostly wiped off with a detergent in cold water. As hot water deepens the stains in some cases, it is useful to stay away from it. Oil stains may need to be treated first with a stain remover followed by hot water cleaning. Take care to use natural products: environmentally sensitive dry cleaners that can remove stains with natural products such as white vinegar, sodium bicarbonate or a laundering soda, you can search. When it comes to stain with natural products, solve the problem without harming both the product's life and nature. Try drying with the sun: Drying is also as important as washing in order to extend the life of the CIRCLELOVE.CO T-shirt. The dryer is the main enemy of yours when you are in a hurry and you want to wear it quickly. Over time, many problems from the deformation of the collar to the tapering of the mold are caused by the use of the dryer. If instead of letting it dry yourself or taking advantage of the sun of the beautiful days, you will have CIRCLELOVE.CO T-shirts you can wear many times without ruining the form. Ask yourself if you really need a wash: sometimes we do not need to wash our clothes but throw them into a dirty basket. However, sometimes they just need to get air, perhaps to refresh with a clothes sprey, or to clean with a brush or tape. After this, we know that you will think more about CIRCLELOVE.CO before throwing it into a dirty basket. Neither do you care about style and nature.

Are not these suggestions enough? Click for a good care guide.

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