Is Production Cost Interested You?

For us, any outfit is inevitably a quality fabric. There are two ways we prefer this. First; we make ourselves specially from the yarn of the fabric, we pass it through special practices and bring it to the key we desire. Secondly, we consider fabulous fabrics that are in the hands of our producers, which otherwise would have waited years without use.

Especially when we are producing a new model, we produce minimum number of units. We are still a small company, the biggest risk is too much inventory risk. So some models can be consumed in the meantime, some sales can escape. But we think that is the right way.

Working on tshirt project

We are very proud of our production site. We work with a place that respects the rights and the rights of its employees who are producing world famous brands. You can examine the factory here as we are in close relationship with the owners.

We are aware that the costs of fast-fashioning brands, where millions of pieces are made, the quality of the sewing is not emphasized, and the garments are deteriorated in the two washings, are much lower than ours.

Our goal was never to produce the cheapest product. Our main goal is to produce the best product and to offer the most honest fiasco possible. We do not run away in any way, we do not compromise on our standards.

discovering tablet for tshirt production

In the traditional fashion sector, the product cost is multiplied by a number between 3 and 15 to determine the market selling price. We multiply by a factor of 2 or 2, depending on the product. In other words, you can find the approximate cost of production for that product by dividing the selling price by these numbers. Approximately 40 percent of product cost is fabric, 30 percent is labor, 15 percent is operational expenditure and 15 percent is producer profit.

Customer satisfaction is very important to us. So, unlike most e-commerce companies, we do not add any extra fees to the product price. Cargo is always free. The return is also free and very friendly in the same way.

For all these reasons, we are assertive when our products have the highest benefit / price equilibrium in the market.

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