How can I reach you?
We are living in the age of internet. So just send an e-mail and wait for our exiting answer.;)

You can visit our store or call us on this phone number: 305-418-4638.

You can reach us easily by emailing us at hello@circledesign.co.

Should I have  an account to order?
No, you can order from our site without a membership. On the screen indicating that the order has been confirmed, there will still be an option to create a new account.

By the way, having an account in circle love can be cool. ;)
What are the payment options?
We have an online payment option with credit card. So credit card talks!

How much charge do I get back?
All purchases made from our site are freight free to all over the world.

When will I reach my lovely order?
The cargo times of the products depend on your country. Also, if we are in holiday time, that time can be a little bit longer.

Good news! 7-15 working days is the average.

How do I return or replace a product I ordered?
Very easy. You can return any untreated, unwashed, undamaged product. You can exchange for up to 45 days or get a gift voucher, you can get cash for up to 15 days. For change and refund, you can email refund@circledesign.co. Please do not send us to our billing address or send without making a request.

Do I pay a fee for return or exchange?
Returns and exchanges are completely free.